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Susan Beth Furst


Malcolm Carvalho

Raylynne D'Sa

Reshmy Warrier

Sanket Mhatre

Amitabh Joshi

Srinivas S

Pushpa Moorjani

Sharath Krishnaswami

Paresh Tiwari and Christine L. Villa

Rochelle Potkar

Bob Lucky

Ruby Singha

Kartikay Agarwal


Jeaunice T. Burnette

Kizie Basu

Jenny Angyal

Kathryn J. Stevens

Teji Sethi

Gauri Dixit

Roberta Beary

Ashish Narain

Priti Aisola

Firdaus Parvez

Kanjini Devi

Bob Lucky

Dylan Tweeny

Tapan Mozumdar

Mike Gallagher

Alexis Rotella

Matthew Caretti

Shobhana Kumar


Akila Gopalakrishnan

Narrow Road



Covid-19 and changes in the editorial team caused Narrow Road to go offline in April 2021. But it will be back in August 2021 stronger and livelier as a double issue.
We are actively hunting for poems, short stories and haibun — the three genres we publish. We're also looking for critical book reviews, essays on writing and interviews with writers. And we have an artist of the month too.