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Rohini Gupta

Co-founder & Fiction Editor

Rohini Gupta is a writer and teacher who lives by the sea in Mumbai, India, surrounded by trees, cats, dogs, crows, books, coffee shops and a sprawling metropolitan city. She started as a poet. For many years she wrote for newspapers, magazines and websites. She has also published flash fiction, poems and stories. She teaches haiku and the art of fiction at various literary festivals and colleges. She has organised art and new age festivals but now focuses on writing books.

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Raamesh Gowri Raghavan

Co-founder & Poetry Editor

Raamesh Gowri Raghavan moonlights as an award-winning copywriter by day and daylights as an award-wanting poet by night, and sandwiches writing haiku, editing the literary e-journal Narrow Road, the occasional trek, peer counselling for suicide prevention, and learning languages in between. He thinks he is funny, but his friends vehemently disagree.

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Paresh Tiwari

Co-founder & Haibun Editor

Poet, artist and editor Paresh Tiwari has been widely published, especially in the sub-genre of Japanese poetry. A Pushcart Prize nominee, his collection of haibun Raindrops chasing Raindrops is the recipient of the 'Touchstone Distinguished Book Awards - 2017'.
Paresh has co-edited the landmark International Haibun Anthology,Red River Book of Haibun, Vol 1 which was published by Red River Publications in 2019, and is the serving haibun editor of the online literary magazine Narrow Road. You can find him on Instagram @paresh.writes .

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Dr. Srividya Sivakumar


Words make Srividya's world and she immerses herself in them as teacher, reader, poet and speaker.
She does not share chocolate (unless it's white or milk) or her Salman Rushdie collection, loves to write and to receive long letters and believes in texting with proper punctuation and complete spellings. Srividya swears by desserts as meals, books as companions, and music as torture and therapy. She colour-coded her library once. She has since learnt the lesson of the unforgiving shelves.

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Book Reviewer

G.Akila juggles the muse, work, home and a ten-year-old daughter. She has presented her poems at the Sahitya Akademi, Hyderabad Litfest, Goa Litfest, TedX, and has been published in anthologies and online journals of repute. She is also an active member of the Twin City Poetry Club, Hyderabad. A featured poet in the Wordweavers Annual Poetry Contest, she was also placed second in their 2017 edition. Her poem 'Stains' was one of the ten shortlisted for the Womeninc Sakhi Award 2018 for poetry.

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Arundhati Agomacharyya

Reader & Correspondence Editor

Arundhati Agomacharyya is a student of Sociology and social sciences at large. She is a literary enthusiast and often delves in poetry and short fiction. She can be found writing and reading poetry in cafes, by the side of shuttered stores, and under old trees.

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Vaishnavi Sharma

Web Developer

Vaishnavi Sharma is a gap year student pursuing Sciences, a poet, and the founder of Ayaskala - a literary magazine aimed at spreading awareness around mental health. She is a freelance writer and web developer. You can find her on Instagram @um.vaishnavi.

Kala Ramesh

Kala Ramesh

Guest Editor (Haibun)

Poet, editor, anthologist, festival director, external faculty member of the Symbiosis International University in the sub-genre of Japanese poetry, Kala Ramesh's initiatives culminated in founding 'INhaiku' to bring Indian haikai poets together in 2013. Her book of haiku and haibun 'Beyond the Horizon Beyond', was declared a finalist in the Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize 2019 and received a certificate for 'excellent contribution to literature'. Her next book of tanka, tanka prose and tanka doha: 'The Forest I Know' has been picked up by HarperCollins.

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