Narrow Road Literary Magazine is a triannual journal published in April, August and December. It focusses on flash fiction, poetry and haibun. The first edition of the journal was invite only. Ever sine then we are open to unsolicited submissions and will read your works during the following periods:

June 1 - July 15 for the August Issue.

October 1 - November 15 for the December Issue.

February 1 - March 15 for the April Issue.

All short stories, flash fiction pieces, poems and haibun (works) submitted for publication will undergo a review by the editors of the individual genres. It will take approximately a month for them to notify you whether your submission has been accepted, accepted subject to revisions, or not accepted. Please be aware that at times, our editors may be unavailable for short periods, so there could be delays in getting back to you. Time constraints and the voluntary nature of editors' roles restrict editors from corresponding in any depth with writers whose work has not been accepted.

We like to keep the communication lines clear and simple. But please do follow the following guidelines. Please remember all submissions are subject to these guidelines.

1) You may submit up to three pieces in a single submission during any one submission period.

2) You may only submit work that is not under consideration by other publications. Works posted on closed Internet discussion forums or on personal web sites that are not publication sites will be considered, and so will previously published works, provided you inform us of the publication venue and date. If accepted, the said work will be noted as previously published.

4) Once a work is accepted, we reserve the right to publish the work in the next issue of Narrow Road, and in any associated annual print or online journals or anthologies.

5) Narrow Road retains first rights for all works that appear in this journal for the first time. This means that if your work is subsequently published elsewhere, that publication must cite Narrow Road as the place of original publication.

6) Please do include your Name and your place of residence in the mail that you send us.

Submission Procedure

1) Submissions are to be sent to individual editors on . The editors for each genre are listed below: -

Fiction - Paresh Tiwari
Haibun -Raamesh Gowri Raghavan
Poetry - Saima Afreen

2) Your subject line should contain your name, the title(s) of your works, the genre you are submitting for and the date. Send separate emails for separate genres, it makes the editors' lives a wee bit more worth living. We request you to paste your work directly into the body of the email, unless the concrete structure of your work requires you to put it in a word doc or pdf. In this case, please do mention in your mail that you want your work to appear in the form you have sent.

Copy Editing

All work accepted will be copy (not content) edited. As for changes in content, once a piece has been accepted and formatted for the journal, we will not accept content changes except under unusual circumstances.

If you are not very keen on adhering to rules of grammar, spelling and syntax, please don't bother sending us anything.

We look forward to your works!